Don’t spend hours in the gym or with a trainer who talks too much and stands around alot.

You don’t need to exercise for 1-3 hours, you just need to train smarter, I know I don’t have the time to waste.

My classes are quick, efficient, effective & hard work. No standing around, no gimmics or hard equipment that needs to be lugged around just some good old fashioned body weight exercise which anyone with any fitness level can do.

Exercises can be progressed or regressed to suit your age, fitness level & stamina BUT we don’t stop this is how I work.
HIIT training has been scientifically proven as the best method of exercise training to lose weight, increase fitness, stamina, strength, speed, agility and all over body shape.

30 Minutes is all you need to start getting into shape. Never give up, just show up!!

I specalise in Personal & Group Fitness. Love working with beginners who are not sure where to start or people who haven’t exercised for a long time. You will be surprised at just how fast you can improve your fitness, strength and muscle defination by completing one of my classes.
Come join a Small Group Personal Fitness Class and see for yourself, the first step is always the hardest, but you don’t stop eating or sleeping so exercising is the same, it’s a Lifestyle not a chore. Don’t waste your time, in my class I will get your heart pumping, body jumping & get you in shape quick smart, join Quick Start.