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Fitness has always been so important to me’ As a Martial Artist, — a Woman & a Trainer Exercise is a lifestyle not something you do when you feel like it’ Don’t train for hours, who has the time Lire is too short so train SMART! I absolutely LOVE what I do & I will ensure you also LOVE to exercise as it is FUN!! I’m hard, I’m tough, but I get results’ No gimmics, No equipment, just YOU & ME.

At Quick Start PT I want to encourage you to change your lifestyle for the better. I offer a range of training classes designed to improve your health, making you stronger and more determined to achieve your goals, both physically and mentally. I know that you work hard and you choose to spend your hard earned cash on my services, therefore I will make sure you get the results you want. I offer one on one training programs as well as training in small groups. I aim to help you develop a positive relationship with exercise and healthy eating leading to a permanent change in the way you make lifestyle choices. I want to have a lasting effect, so I design classes that are fun, exciting, hard working and around your needs, I also want them to be rewarding, giving every client the attention they deserve.

Claudia started Quick Start PT in 2006 and has only been thriving ever since. This is what Claudia has to say: “I have always had an interest in leading a healthy lifestyle and had a very competitive nature. However, this was not always the case. I am human just like every one else and I have had my ups and downs in life too. I have been anorexic at one point of my life and I have been overweight too, but I always had the strength, determination and focus to achieve my goals and get what I want in my life. It’s not easy losing weight or even putting on weight, this never is & there is always a story on why it happens, but regardless of this YOU must have the will to want to change, change you as a person and your lifestyle.”

My passion started when my father passed away in 2001 from a heart attack, he was a very heavy smoker and worked hard all his life. At this stage of my life I was coming out of a very skinny stage (anorexic) where I weighed only 44 kilos and was a size 6 (THIS WAS NOT HEALTHY) with the passing of my dad it only made my condition worse. With the support of my friends and family, it was then I decided I wanted to do Taekwondo and change my life for the better, not wanting to pass away from being unhealthy. During my time of Taekwondo I became very competitive and competed in the State & National championships placing 2nd & 3rd. After 15 years of focus, dedication and determination of training I achieved my 3rd Black Dan Belt.

At this point which was around 2006 I decided I wanted to share my passion of the sport and about fitness & health and began my own business. However, it didn’t start straight away as I also worked full time in construction as a project office manager. So most of my spare time before & after work hours I trained friends, family, co-workers and anyone who wanted to learn about exercise, health & fitness. Over the next 7 years I studied many different techniques, exercises and workshops so I could offer the best to my clients. In my journey I have become a certified boxing instructor, aqua & metafit instructor, circuit and high intensity trainer. I can train kids, adults & the older adults. With my vast knowledge I can offer a variety of exercises, skills & routines to suit all ages, sizes & fitness levels.

I started to understand the benefits of different types of exercise and recognised the positive impact they were having on my body as well as my mind. In 2014 I decided now is the time to start my business and offer my knowledge and services to the community & people that need help. I have developed a love for high intensity workouts and quick and efficient training methods. The benefits of regular exercise are great to see in yourself, but it is my passion to see my clients work hard to achieve their goals and surprise themselves by changing their bodies, mind & soul for the better.

As a trainer I am tough and a very hard worker, this comes from my Martial Arts training, I train hard or go home as they say. I don’t have time to waste especially exercising for hours when I know doing HIIT training for 30 minutes will give me greater results. I have a life and would like to enjoy it as do so many other people, having kids, a job or even a social group gives you less time to train, therefore I provide smart, result based exercise training that wont waste your time. You wont be standing around talking (nor will I) and you’ll have your heart pumping so fast that you will start to burn fat, even when you sleep. I’m here to help, not take your money for time not needed. I am tough but I get results. But with any training you MUST remember 80% Nutrition & 20% Exercise. As a trainer I can push you to your limits but if you don’t eat well no amount of exercise will help you lose weight.

So stop making excuses, we all make excuses on why we don’t wont to exercise, I know on some days I make excuses, but what makes a difference is wanting a better lifestyle and a healthier body, and by that you need regular exercise and to pull yourself out of the ashes and be determined & focused to want to change your life. Allow me to help you achieve this, through a safe, comfortable and friendly environment. I was once where you are, and now I can achieve everything.

"I fed rewarded when I see the improvements in fitness Wealth rom my members"

Qualifications & Certificates

Over 15 years Martial Artist – 3rd Dan Black Belt 2011 Taekwondo

Certificate IV – Personal TrainerUntitled-2

Certificate III – Gym Instructor

Certificate Fitness & Boxing 2012

Certified Group Exercise Instructor 2014

Certificate Boxing Skills & Fitness Level 3 via Australian Combat & Exercise 2014

Certificate Fitness Through Cycling 2014

Certificate Managing Physical Activity Programes For Older Adults 2014

Certificate Body Image & Self Esteem (Feeling Good About Yourself) 2014

Certificate Basic Heart Rate Training 2014

Certificate Aqua Instructor with WETS 2014

Certificate Metafit Instructor (HIIT) 2014

Certification Lifeguard 2015 Life Saving Australia

YOW Fitness Ambassador for Charity Boot Camps 2015

Certification Kick & Splash HIIT Aqua 2015

Certification in Circuit & Interval Training 2015

Certification in Austswim Swimming Teacher 2015

Certification Zumba Instructor 2016

Certification Gymstick Muscle Instructor 2016

Certification Kids Zumba Instructor 2016

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