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Quick Start PT on Nabo Local Community

    Quick Start Personal & Group Training has made themselves known to Nabo, where the local community get together and create l

Miss Muddy 2015

  Miss Muddy 2015   This year was my first year that I'm starting Obstacle Courses, never done them before and I wanted to ch


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  • Eat Your Vegetables

      Why Are Vegetables Important to the Human Body?   "Eat your vegetables!" It's a directive you've likely heard

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  • Reduce Your Fat Intake

      Reduce your fat intake and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  

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  • Real Truth About Fat Burning Supplements

      Are you like everyone else who wants a quick fix to burning their unwanted fat? That’s why fat burning supplements have become so po

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  • Importance of Protein

      The body needs protein to repair the muscles, which are worn out during a work-out or exercise. Drinking a protein shake after a workout i

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  • What is Metafit?

      About Metafit   The Metafit™ group workout is an effective and simple tool for fitness professionals looking for the work

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  • Is Cardio Making You Skinny Fat?

      Not including athletes, the reason most of us exercise is to:   1. Obtain or maintain an attractive body 2. Stay healthy and

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  • Flat Abs & Core Pilates Program

      12 WEEK PILATES PROGRAM   Do you want to have FLAT ABS & Strengthen your CORE Want to MOVE, FEEL and LOOK your best?

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  • Drink Water & How Much?

    BLOG: 22nd December 2015 BY: Claudia Burke   Drink Water. How much should we be drinking?   The body is about 60% water, gi

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  • Youth of the World Fitness Ambassador

        It has been the mission for one man to make his dream come true and create a non for profit organization that will help the

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  • Personal Trainer’s

    BLOG: 25th November 2015 By: Claudia Burke   What does it mean to be a Personal Trainer?   It's been a tough ride but r

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  • Why Exercise?

    BLOG: 20th November 2014 By: Claudia Burke   Top 11 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight)   You've been

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  • What is HIIT?

    BLOG: 20th November 2015 By: Claudia Burke   WHY HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training   A HIIT session often consists of

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  • Your Muscles

    HOW YOUR MUSCLES WORK – FOR CHILDREN   Did you know you that we have more than 600 muscles in our body? They do everything

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  • Services & Training

    There should be a balance in your life of exercise and nutrition, if you can do both you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle and happiness. You

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