Group Fitness Training

Small Group Training offers variety and an environment where you can be with people like yourself, who don’t like going to gyms, being around testosterone too much, can’t get motivated or inspired on their own or simply would like to socialise and be a part of a team.

Group training is the perfect way to get fit, get outdoors and get making new friends. Each class is a high energy all over body work-out – no muscle is left unworked! We use a combination of bodyweight circuits, intervals, steps and hills to ensure your brain and body never get bored.

The group fitness sessions will improve your cardio ability and upper body, core and lower body strength as well as teaching you lots of new moves! They are an effective strength and conditioning work out that is perfect preparation for events like Tough Bloke and Tough Mudder or even just to build leg and core strength to improve your regular road running.

We are also a friendly, sociable bunch, therefore the perfect way to make friends if you are new to the area or even if you just need to add some fresh blood to your current friendship circle.

Group classes are excellent if you haven’t exercised for a while or been out of shape for sometime. Have a look at our Class Timetable and contact us to get booked in.

I know that you work hard when you’re at your desk. So, my sessions deliver some serious results. It’s common knowledge that variety is crucial. Not only does it prevent your metabolism from plateauing, it also keeps things interesting. It ensures that every part of your body receives the attention it deserves. I combine cardio and weights, addressing every aspect of overall fitness, from strength to flexibility to stamina.

Most sessions happen outdoors. There’ll be no intimidating gym scenes and no stressful, complicated machines. But there will be plenty of beautiful scenery, sunshine, greenery, fresh air and refreshing breezes. In other words, every element necessary to keep you energised. Plus, the company will be outstanding. I’m seriously serious about fitness. I’ll support you every step of the way, encouraging you to train hard and surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. You’ll also have the perks of working out in a group, benefiting from the encouragement and support of others and, most importantly, having fun.

Your commitment and a positive attitude is all that is required. I want you to enjoy yourself, that’s for sure, but if you really want results, then you’ve got to put in some effort. For clear, consistent progress, turn up to at least three sessions per week. Make sure you eat well and avoid alcohol. I’m a bit of a nutrition freak, so I’ll be talking to you about getting your diet right. I’m full of tips, recipes and meal ideas.

In exchange for your commitment, I’ll deliver results. You’ll notice major fat loss; a huge boost in energy levels; improved flexibility; a stronger, more streamlined body; reduced susceptibility to aches, pains and illnesses; and increased confidence. Get ready to change for the better.

More Group Classes will be created in the coming months, therefore keep a watchful eye out and join Quick Start Personal Training Facebook Page so you don’t miss out on any updates.


A 30 minute Metafit class which uses body weight exercises to target the largest muscle groups in the body for greater effect. There is no need to use any equipment. This is not an endurance class so there is no need for you to pace yourself to avoid looking like the least fit person in the room. Everyone should be putting in their maximum effort. There is no choreography so don’t worry if you don’t know your left from your right. A great all round body workout that will set your metabolism on fire and continue to burn for 24 hours. A moderately high intensity workout. KIDS FRIENDLY.

BoxFit is a freestyle cardio, circuit & interval based class which involves the muscles of the core, upper body, shoulders, and hips. It is also a great cardio and strength workout. Exercises involved in a class may include crunches, shuttle runs, sit ups, which all have punching moves, in order to get you moving like a real boxer. Lots of boxing combos and some added kicking combos too. A medium to high intensity workout. KIDS FRIENDLY.

The All Rounder Cardio Circuit class offers a variety of freestyle exercise and routines. Each week is different where we incorporate circuit training, interval training, HIIT, boxing, Tabata, Weights and much more. It provides a full body workout and suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Never boring, always moving and great to tone and keep in shape. First class is FREE. A medium to high intensity workout. KIDS FRIENDLY.

If you would like to sign up to one of the classes or services, download both the forms below. Print them & Fill them out. Return them to the trainer at your next session.

3 packs purchased have a validity of 2 weeks

10 packs purchased have a validity of 2 months

Children welcome at all day time classes. BYO snacks, toys or whatever keeps them happy!

Group Training Prices

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